More truth from the Sage of Singapore:

The only thing that works is facing reality; let people who are bankrupt go bankrupt.They bite the bullet, take the pain, accept reality, reorganize and start over.  The Japanese didn’t let anyone go bankrupt for 20 years – remember zombie banks, zombie companies. The Japanese stock market is 75% below where it was 21 years ago.  The Americans have already had one lost decade, we are going to have two lost decades or three lost decades, the way things are going.  Denying reality has never worked and it’s not going to work in America this time either.

Speak on, Jim…



It occurs to me that the greatest practical effect of the recent repeal of DADT is that future conscriptees will not be able to use open homosexuality (or the claim of open homosexuality) as a disqualifier against forced enlistment. Now everyone who is physically capable can be forced to be ground up by the voracious appetite of the American war machine and its “invade the world” foreign policy preferences.

So, to those patriotic LGBTQ (etc.) Americans affected by this policy: Congratulations! Now you, too, can die in some godforsaken desert or jungle for the enrichment of the military-industrial complex, and do it wearing your lifestyle on your sleeve!